EPISODE 18 - General Chit Chat 7 - "Baftas and grouch!"

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  • Song Name: EPISODE 18 - General Chit Chat 7 - "Baftas and Grouch!"
  • Artist: Pan and Scan Podcast
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  • Year: 2013

Hay there folks welcome to another installment of Pan and Scan podcast, this week we discuss all things Marvel comics, and also some Oscars/Bafta talk, why you ask? Ben wanted to?! Also any excuse for a glass of champagne! We also discuss the host's valentines day, why you ask? Who knows?!

What we've seen: Avengers
X-men 2
This is Forty
The White Ribbon

Our recommends: Wreck-it-Ralph

Blood Bag review: Shock Labyrinth
Tucker & Dale vs Evil

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Music: Tucker & Dale vs Evil Soundtrack - Mass Undergoe - I Dug my Grave and walked away |