EPISODE 12 - General Chit Chat 5 - "No more Prometheus!"

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  • Song Name: EPISODE 12 - General Chit Chat 5 - "No more Prometheus!"
  • Artist: Pan and Scan Podcast
  • Album: jon
  • Year: 2012

Good day dear listeners and salutations welcome to episode 12 of the pan and scan podcast, this week we're back on schedule and thus we're doing a general chit chat episode! This week we talk all things Bond, animated movies and Tim Burton's upcoming feature: Frankenweenie, and even Jon's ongoing obsession with found footage films! We also discuss watching DREDD 3D, so join us citizen!

What we've seen: Prometheus blu-ray
Dredd 3D
Quantum of Solace

Our recommends: Dredd 3D

Blood Bag review: Megan is missing
Lake Mungo

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