EPISODE 10 - Six Degrees Of Seperation - "Have a go!"

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  • Song Name: EPISODE 10 - Six Degrees Of Seperation "Have a go!"
  • Artist: pan and scan podcast
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  • Year: 2012

Hello and welcome dear listeners to our double figure show, that's right its episode 10 of the pan and scan podcast! This we we play a game of 6 degrees of separation, we hope you have as much fun as we did. We also discuss Pixar studios, 3d titles in film, and also bad found footage films. Also we'd like to take this time to say that our thoughts are with the friends and family of director Tony Scott.

R.I.P. Tony Scott - you will be missed.

What We've Seen: Expendables 2
Brave (talking Pixar)
The Last Stand
The Help
Harry Brown

Our Recommends: Brave
The Help

Blood Bag Review: Night of the living dead: re-animation 3d
Paranormal Incident

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